Kottakkal Ayurveda Treatment In Chennai | Back Pain Treatment Ayurveda Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 13 Jul, 2018


Welcome to The Madras Institute of Ayurveda – the centre of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment, where age-old tradition meets modern techniques. With facilities for a whole range of quality ayurvedic treatments on par with the highest standards and finest traditions dating back to Vedic times, MIA is headed by Dr. K. S. Manoj M.D. (AY) who is assisted by an accomplished team of doctors and experienced therapists. With an ever-increasing awareness on Ayurveda, the quest is for proper treatment and facilities by qualified, seasoned physicians and therapists. Although Ayurveda is commonly associated with Kerala, there are many constraints for patients – travel, language, accommodation for the treatment etc. MIA was established with the aim of bringing the same genuine treatment with all facilities to a more accessible location.
For more information visit : http://www.miayurveda.org

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