Business Partnership

I Have A Business Offer For You

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 07 Feb, 2017


Dear Sir / Madam.

I am contacting you regarding a business opportunity with our company.

We are into manufacturing of pharmaceutical Products and medicine reseach in developing capsule tablets .There is a raw material which our company used to send me to buy from India, but recently I was promoted to the post of chief production manager. Because of my promotion, the company cannot send me to India any more; they will send delegate for sample inspection and bulk order purchase in India.

The director has asked for the contact of supplier of medicinal raw herbal seed packet in India and I need a person I will present to our company as the supplier in India for the business.

She/He will now buy the product from the local dealer@ rate of $500 and supply to our company @ rate of $1500.
The profit would be shared among us. You(80%) and me(20%).

Why I don't want the company to have direct contact of the local dealer in India, IS because our company will know actual price I was purchasing the product before when I used to visit India as a delegate.

In view of the above if you are interested kindly get back to me immediately.
I will give you the product name for you to search , locate the company in India and find out current market price of the herbal seed per sachet packet which is 100grams packing.

100% transparent , genuine and legal business .

Best Regard
Edward Scott
Email. edword.scott@hotmail.com