Chelation Therapy in Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 07 Oct, 2017


We all fear about heart attack. It is one of the critical disease which make all fear of, but it can be easy cured without any surgery. The Koncept hospital provide Heart blockage treatment without surgery without an side effect. The Chelation Theraphy in Chennai is also carried out in knocept hospital.
The word „chelation“ means „pincers“ in Greek and explains the principle of the chemical effect of a complex which binds metals called „chelating agent“. Chelating agents bind metal ions and are then removed by the organism in a natural way. The chelation therapy is a process of detoxification which is acknowledged as a measure for lead poisoning by the orthodox medicine. But also in the case of many other diseases detoxification and purification of metals in the body play a central role.
One way to think about the chelation process is to compare it to the way we unclog our drains. We add a chemical to our drain. It dissolves the blockage. The resulting compound is removed from the drain using the existing plumbing system. Chelation process works in a similar manner on our body
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