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- Cakes are Greek and Latin – Buy cakes in chennai

81 GN Chetty Road T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 - 16 Jun, 2021
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From being a Greek ritual to celebrate, with candles representing moons, cakes have come a long way after more than thousand years of existence. What was restricted to birthdays, weddings and few family occasions in European society has moved and expanded to many other cultures.
Interestingly, cakes were just as simple as a concoction of all purpose flour, eggs, sugar and butter, which was carefully baked and had an icing layer, with few floral patterns and words that mark the occasion, carved on it. This was the situation just till a couple of decades ago, the list should most probably and most traditionally read as Butter Cake and Pound Cake from United Kingdom, Sponge Cake and Genoise cake from Italy, Biscuit cakes from Ireland, Angel food cake originated from African Americans, Chiffon cake from the US, Carrot cake from UK and France, Red Velvet Cake from the US.


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