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Start Classifieds, Matrimonial, eCommerce, Jobs Site Rs 5,999/-

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 13 Aug, 2013


If interested in creating a portals like classifieds, shopping cart, matrimonial, realestate, jobs site at an affordable price

of Rs 5,999/- Please go through the details

Scubez Net is an experienced & top domain registrant, web hosting & development service provider located in India, As of

now. we have more than 6,000+ customers, 1000+ reseller & 250+ business associates across 25+ countries.

List of Portal & Price

1. Start a Free "CLASSIFIEDS" Website just for Rs Rs 5,999/- Demo Link: www.Posty.in

2. Start an online "REALESTATE" Business website Rs 5,999/- Demo Link: http://scubez.net/realestate-portal-scripts-


3. Start a "JOB PORTAL", specially for HR & manpower businesses: Rs 5,999/- Demo Link: http://scubez.net/job-portal-


4. Start a "Matrimonial" website portal Rs 5,999/- Demo Link: www.mscript.in

5. Start an eCommerce shopping cart & sell your goods online Rs 5,999/- Demo Link: http://scubez.net/shopping-cart-


All the above package includes domain registration, web hosting, unlimited emails, logo design, google adsense for

earning, flash header, static text pages, picture gallery, photo slide show, preparing website content, product showcase,

paypal payment gateway, accept credit card, online chat, audio & video files, dynamic PHP query form, site visitor, PDF

download, Search Engine Submission etc no other charges

Duration: The layout will be provided for approval within 8hrs, The entire website will be completed in 2 days.

Easy mode of payment: www.pay.scubez.net

For company profile & service logon to www.scubez.net , Mobile Line: +91-(0)9840531896, Land Line: +91-(0)


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