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All in one crypto Trading bot

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 08 Apr, 2022


All in one crypto Trading bot
The Better Way To Trade In Crypto
We at TradeQ are proud to unlock powerful trading tools to everyone with a smartphone. Manage all your exchange accounts, use market-making and simulate your trading. Fast automated trading, quantitative trading system, tracking of big data algorithms, secure platform to trade, automate with ease and the best quantitative strategy.The Better Way To Trade In Crypto
What makes TradeQ Unique?
Never miss any fluctuation, catch every tiny profits with the automated trading bot. Trade like a experienced traders.
Automated crypto trading
Make money while you sleep. 24/7 completely automate trading. Free yourself from concentrating on the volatile market!
Trading algorithm
Take advantage of technical signals with winning rate for success. And also your funds are kept safe and securely.
Save time
Don’t spend your days analysing the markets, let the bot work for you.

About TradeQ
TradeQ is an automated, secure and easy to use trade terminal designed exclusively for cryptocurrency traders. We are starting with cryptos, but our bots will be taking over the rest of the financial world. Welcome to the future of trading. And don’t feel sorry for our bots, they have no emotions, remember!! Stop gambling… start trading now!
• Ceaselessly income is guaranteed by 24*7 hours real - time monitoring.
• Technical strategy such as built-in tracking for opening positions + tracking stop profit + tail order stop profit + grid Take profit.
• Your funds remain safe on Binance exchange.
Quick & Easy Process With Best Features
Objectively deliver professional value with diverse web-readiness. Collaboratively transition wireless customer service without goal-oriented catalysts for change.
Our intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to customize and automate your trading strategies. Not only will our bots help you develop a more structured approach to your trades, they’ll help you make money while you sleep.
We take your security very seriously. That’s why we use API key on our servers. What’s more, all your orders are routed directly to the exchanges and giving you extra peace of mind.
Your trading strategies are end-to-end encrypted.
Securely Trade Across Exchange
TradeQ is a beginner-friendly and safe platform to send automated trading instructions to your favourite Binance exchange, We don't ask for private keys or withdrawal rights.
Make it Your Own
View prices & portfolio values in your preferred currency, save charts, and customize your trading interface layout.
Portfolio Analytics
Monitor all of your assets from exchange and even wallets to track your performance over time.

Supporting Exchanges
Coin DCX
Bit Mart

Here is the joining link to get started
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