Business Partnership


Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 27 Nov, 2015


Dear Sir Ma

Please do not be dismayed, I got your contact from an E-business directory and decided to reach you in regards to a business proposal.

I work with a Pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom that manufactures medicines and other health care products known as Artis Medical Chemical Company. We are interested in buying a raw material in India.

This material is a dry seed extract from the Northeast part of India as we are meant to understand.

It is a regular monthly demand of about five hundred Two hundred)packets.

Unit price of each packet is three thousand seven hundred GBP with weight of about hundred gram.

We lost contact with our previous supplier and currently do not have any supplier for this product.

I know the contact of the local dealer in India who supplies to our previous supplier. The local dealer supplies this product to our previous supplier in the amount of one thousand sis hundred GBP per packet.

I require an honest business partner whom I will release the contact of the local dealer in India. Who get to buy from the local dealer and supply to my company at the same rate of three thousand seven hundred GBP or higher, In return give me thirty percent profit made.

Mode of delivery of product is usually DAF (Delivered At Frontier). It is safe and risk free with assured profit.

If you are interested in doing business with me please provide me with the information regarding yourself, contact number and job description. Then I will guide you in full details how to proceed to make contact directly with my company.

You can call me on: +447010025611 for further information, and have a discussion regarding this.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Email, garryblair247@gmail.com


Garry Blair