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Oriental Princess Cream for Skin Whitening

Chandigarh, Chandigarh - 13 Sep, 2019


Description of Oriental Princess Cream for Skin Whitening:-
A light, non-greasy day moisturizing cream that deeply nourishes and brightens your facial skin. The Prime C Complex TM enriched cream promotes gentle epidermal exfoliation and efficaciously stimulates cellular rejuvenation with sustained release of Vitamin C. With continual use, your skin will become smoother, more supple and youthful with clear and glowing complexion. It reverses the appearance of dull, patchy sun-damaged skin, fades freckles and dark acne scars, and prevent uneven facial skin color from recurring in the future with regular use.

Benefits of Oriental Princess Cream:-
a) Fades freckles and dark acne scars.
b) Dark spots and darkened skin will fade.
c) Skin will look smoother and brighter.
d) It provides UV protection.

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