Central Delhi


The First Ever Real Ludo Money - Download, Win and Earn

Central Delhi, Delhi - 10 Sep, 2018


For the first time in the history of Indian gaming, we bring to you the first ever real ludo money which lets you play with real players eventually turning out to be a money reward if you win. Well! Just to say, the easiest way to earn money is here.

You need 50 coins to get started with the game, this coins can be directly bought from your paytm account. The good news is, on your early sign up you get 50 coins for free along with some referral coins. Are you excited for this game? Well! Be ready as we will be launching soon… All you gotta do is download, refer, play and win- it’s that easy!
Download our app at the app store or explore us at our website. Explore, download, play and win! Are you ready…...

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