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Central Delhi, Delhi - 14 Jul, 2018


Are you in search of a Abhyanga Panchakarma Treatment in Majlis Park?Then visit Dr Monga clinic because this clinic is
providing best treatment for Abhyanga Panchakarma and consult best doctor for Abhyanga Panchakarma.if you want best therapist
for Abhyanga Panchakarma then you need to consult best Abhyanga Panchakarma specialist or best Abhyanga Panchakarma doctor in
Majlis Park.And you can book your appointment online and for more info call @ +91-9999219128 and +91-8010931122.visit our

Abhyanga is a ritualistic full-body warm oil massage, which despite being blissfully comforting and luxuriously relaxing heals your body and mind. It is nevertheless, a daily massage therapy. What does it really do and how does it exactly serve to improve the functioning of the body? Our body accumulates stress and tension.

This is partly a result of the tight schedule that we live by and the high degree of stress that we take in our professional
life that largely affects our personal circle and primarily our health and welfare. Imagine yourself and the kind of strain
that you put on your body especially the neck and the eye sitting in the office, in front of your computer from 9 in the
morning to 5 in the evening. Now imagine the tension that is likely to be accumulated on your muscles when you have the same
routine for an entire week. Abhyanga helps the body to get rid of the accumulated muscular stress and tension. The following
are the advantages of Abhyanga.

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