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Bade Dayalu Guruwar Mere Harate Sabaki Peer Hindi Guru Bhajan

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh - 31 Mar, 2018


We are providing to all of you Maa and Guru Bhajan enriched with spiritual emotions and beautiful singing by this channel. In these Spiritual Songs you will find all of special and memorable scenes of shakti chetana janjagran shivirs by Shri Shaktiputra ji Maharaj. If you are also want to listen such types of more spiritual songs, then please subscribed my youtube channel "Bhajan Sandhya Siddhashram". Durga Ji bhajan, Guru Bhajan, Bhajan Sandhya Siddhashram.
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Pachjyoti Shaktiteerth siddhashram, post- mau, tahsil- Beohari, district- Shahdol (MP)-484774

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