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Wizklub – Tutor Partner

Bangalore, Karnataka - 14 Jun, 2019


Job type: Entrepreneurship Opportunity
Job Description:
Wizklub is on a mission to create a million thinking minds by developing their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The WizKlub HOTS program is scientifically designed for holistic development of kids aged 6-13 years across Reasoning, Comprehension, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. The program, available on a tablet, is conducted in a WizKlub Education Center at Tutor Partner’s home or club-house.
Over 200+ centers in Bangalore

We enable the selected partners with the following:
- Opportunity to own a futuristic WizKlub Education Centre at home or club-house
- Training on the program and counselling skills
- Centre activation leading to enrolments at the centre
- Ongoing support

We are looking for well educated women with an entrepreneurial spirit who are keen to own the WizKlub Education Center and work with kids to make a real difference to the future.
There is NO upfront FRANCHISE FEE to own your WizKlub Education Center.
WizKlub Tutor Partners run the futuristic WizKlub Education Center at their home or club house and facilitate learning for 6-13 year old children using WizKlub Programs.

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