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Which is a better option, buy a plot or an apartment

HSR Layout, Bangalore, KarnatakaShow Map - 20 Jun, 2019


Everybody wants to own a house. It is regarded as a lifetime achievement if an individual owns a house. Is it good to buy BDA plots for sale in Sarjapur road, Bangalore or rather go for an apartment? This dilemma still runs in everybody’s mind. Investment in property is always a reward earning decision.
So, why invest in an apartment?
You need not run to look for a vacant site or enroll in government schemes for site allocation. Rather, you can search and narrow down best builders who have a reputation of constructing great apartments.
Owing an apartment is regarded as a social status now. An apartment not only offers safety to homeowners but also provides amenities such as club house, swimming pool, gym, parks, library, etc. all facilities under one roof.
Maintenance is pretty easy when you are living in an apartment since it is taken care of by the association. Additionally, there is Homeowner’s Association to bring all the residents together for all occasions. Few of other positives include parking facility and 24/7 security. However, you will have to find an apartment close to your work area to avoid traffic and commuting issues. But, you need to remember that you will be living in a stacked atmosphere.
So, why invest in plots?
On the opposite end of the spectrum we have plots in Sarjapur Road that are good for investment purpose and also for building our own home. After buying a plot you can build a home over it or convert it into a commercial property. Thus, you will be able to harness income from it, it will be like a white canvas in front of a painter.
Right after you buy plots in Sarjapur they start delivering results in the form of appreciation. In addition, you need to be aware of the fact that resale value of a plot will always be higher than that of an apartment. Few of the things you can do with your plot are:
Build your dream home; Develop it as a residential land
Utilize it for live-stock rearing
Turn it into a mini-farm to cultivate flowers and vegetables
Make it into a vineyard or orchard


HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka

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