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Rental Agreement Procedure Online

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A rental agreement is a contract that is set up between the landlord and the tenant whereby the landlord gives the tenant the right to occupy the residential premises. It is always better to have a rental agreement in case a dispute comes up in the future. Below is the procedure to create rent agreement online.

1. Draft a rent agreement online at rentalagreement.in by clicking the button provided at the end of this page, by filling out the details of the landlord, the tenant and the property to be rented.
2. Personalise the rental agreement by adding necessary clauses.
3. Print the agreement on a Stamp paper of the recommended value.
4. The agreement is to be signed by the landlord and the tenant in the presence of two witnesses.
5. Take the document to a sub-registrar office to get it registered.

Rent agreement registration is always recommended as it helps in case of any future issues. Registering your rental agreement ensures the authenticity of the document and also helps in the prevention of fraud.

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Bengaluru, Bangalore, Karnataka 560001

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