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Professional Windows AC repair in Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka - 11 Dec, 2018
  • Air Conditioners


We offer 24/7 repairing service in Bangalore to ensure your home will get back its required temperature. Our technicians are available on holidays, weekends or in case of emergency. We provide any type of AC repairing service like AC is not cooling properly, gas filling, general service, installation and uninstallation, socket fixing, service with chemical cleaning etc.

1. On time service according to the customer’s flexibility.
2. 100% percent authentic parts
3. Affordable price and unbelievable discounts or coupons
4. Contentment in service quality

Our Service includes:
1. Installation
2. Repairing

Solving issues related to:
• Leakage, Strange noises & Foul Odours
• Thermostat Complications
• Damaged Cooling Coil, Blocked Condenser
• Duct Cleaning
• Gas Filling, Socket Fixing

3. Repairing or replacing of spare parts such as thermostat, Condenser & Evaporator Coils, Compressor, Fan Motor, Magnetic Switch, Printed Circuit Board, Fan Belts, Air Filter.

4. Maintenance:
• Provision of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
• Coolant Leakage check
• Cleansing of drainage pipes
• Disinfection of Filter and Fan Coil
• Intensive servicing of compressor and blower units

For more information about Windows AC repair in Bangalore, give us a call today at +91-80-4653-5800! Or
Email: support@techsquadteam.com


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