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Music Classes in Bangalore - Sangeetsadhana

Koramangala, Bangalore, KarnatakaShow Map - 08 Jul, 2019


Music lessons to be true first hand from years of experience teaching music and from raising my own kids. There are many excellent articles and studies on the subject of the benefits of music available from educational specialists far more qualified than me. There are a few connections at the base of this post to some great articles from around the web regarding the matter in the event that you needed to do some further reading.
Improve reading skills, increase vocabulary and language ability.
Develop listening skills, aural awareness, abstract thinking, and imagination.
Increase memory skills, build concentration and attention span.
Build social skills, self-discipline, patience and improve behavior.
Stimulate and strengthen the same part of the brain needed for maths and reasoning.
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Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka

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