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Get ITEL DIALER FREE * for 1st month with 24 Core SSD ITELSWITCH

Bangalore, Karnataka - 29 Jul, 2017


At www.datasoft.ws Avail special discounts on our latest offering 24 core SSD ITELSwitch Version 7.0.1 loaded with 3 Level Anti-Hack Features

Our ITEL Dialers are packaged with Bytesavers (40 IP addresses) for you to get the peace of mind so as to ensure that your customers stay satisfied, We are running a SPECIAL OFFER on ITEL DIALER PLUS $89/month with 40 IP Bytesaver package! Get 1st Month FREE when you subscribe to 24 core SSD ITELSWITCH Version 7.0.1 Also, we currently have below dialer packages without the above offer:-

A. ITEL DialerPlus and Bytesaver (40 IP's) Supports 50 Concurrent Registrations at $89/Month

B. ITEL DialerPlus and Bytesaver (40 IP's) Supports 100 Concurrent Registrations at $119/Month

C. ITEL DialerPlus and Bytesaver (40 IP's) Supports 150 Concurrent Registrations at $149/Month

ITELSWITCH Version 7.0.1 Features
* With Built In Firewall that has separate Admin port and firewall along,
* Fail2BAN AntiHackTool at Admin/User Login level.
* SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scan Attack Blocking.
* New Customer Signup URL.
* Core4Billing URL.
* Mobile Billing iphone and Andriod APP.
* DID module.
* Callshop Module.
* Daily Backup Service.
* 24/7 Support and Monitoring etc.

At www.datasoft.ws With No Contract & Hidden Fees, Monthly Billing and a Low price starting from just $89/Mo, the range of ITELDIALER EXPRESS with 40 IP Bytesaver solutions can be a blessing to transform your VOIP Business and Communication needs of your customers.