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Dynamic Sale! Micronized Glutamine Fuel Powder +Testosterone Booster Flat 28 % OFF

Bangalore, Karnataka - 01 Sep, 2017


Medisys Glutamine fuel is a superb health supplement that raises the body level of glutamine, the most available amino acid in our body. Moment a gym freak invests lots of effort into workout at gym body glutamine stores are depleted that leads to muscle breakdown, hence there is an urgent need of body glutamine levels to be elevated. The process of muscle breakdown breaks muscle protein synthesis. Boosting body with Glutamine fuel keeps your energy level maintained and performance at its best.


• Glutamine levels share a very close relationship with body growth and protein synthesis. Medisys Glutamine fuel successfully parents glutamine content to concerned body cells.
• Medisys Glutamine fuel restores the glutamine levels and promotes the muscle recovery.
• Medisys Glutamine fuel accelerates the process of damage recovery
• Works by keeping immunity levels at its best
• Medisys Glutamine sharps your work output
• Medisys Glutamine fuel induces the secretion of growth related hormones.


Testosterone booster deals effectively with problems like loss of muscle mass, feeling lethargic, dizzy and moody. Indian youth these days is much more concerned about personality, muscles, abs, physique etc than it was ever before. Testosterone booster is a power pack supplement in deciding the health in males.

Amazing Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

 Muscles look awesome
 Mood elevator
 Benefits in prevention of stress and stress induced diseases
 Enhance the life span of individuals
 Prevents the premature aging
 Relieves pain, muscle spasms
 Improves quality of life

Medisys Micronized Glutamine Fuel Powder +Testosterone Boost is totally safe and applicable for human use.

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