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Win Trader Trading System

Bangalore, Karnataka - 21 Nov, 2017


WinTrader Trading Systems works on Meta Trader 4 Platform with the support of real time data, in market time you will get real time buy / sell signals from Commodity Market (MCX), NSE and Forex. Although RI Wintrader trading system aimed for Professional Traders, due to its simplicity and easiness to understand, people who don't have any prior experience in Trading can trade with the support of our RI Win Trader Trading system and can make good income. You can make good income from comfort of your home, suitable for Retired Persons, House Wives, Students, Employed Persons, Business Persons etc,
WinTrader Trading Systems Features:

• Real time Buy Sell Signals with Alert (Sound & Popup Message)
• Can send email when the signal comes
• With One Software Get Buy Sell Signals from MCX, Forex, NSE (Futures & Stocks) and Comex
• Works on Meta Trader4 Platform (Widely used by most Forex Traders around the Globe)
• No need of any prior experience (just follow win trader )
• Life Time Support and Updates are Free
• Real Time data (Paid / Free)
* Free Data: Free Data available only for MCX with Limited Scrips. We don't guarantee the data from free server available at every time , accuracy and scrips/commodity available, its depends upon the data providers
• Installation of New Trading Systems Free of Cost
• Lowest Brokerage Supported with Call and Trade Facility

There is a one time payment of Rs.15,000/- only, with this investment you can use our system life time, and can trade on any commodity (MCX), scrip(NSE), NCDEX and Forex, there is no annual renewal fee. The only monthly recurring expense is for Data Charge, We need Real Time data to run our software, not delayed data, our system needs to connect with directly to the server, for that we have to pay.
You have to pay data charge additionally. We are not real time data providers, we will arrange for you the same from legal vendor. For more further details please contact:
09288042780 (Hindi/English/Malayalam)
09061308080 (Tamil/English/Malayalam)
09061973737 (Hindi/English/Malayalam)
09249273612 (English/Malayalam)
email: info@wintrader.in, wintradersoft@gmail.com URL: www.wintrader.in
Online/Offline Chat:
GTalk: wintradersoft@gmail.com, YMsngr: wintradersoft@yahoo.com Skype ID: wintradersoft