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One and Only Solution - Electric Rickshaw - Electric Rickshaw – Mini Metro

Agra, Uttar Pradesh - 22 Jan, 2019


Mini Metro is a brand name for an electric rickshaw. These rickshaws have many features which are the following:-

The Electric Rickshaws are using batteries for functioning

These Electric rickshaws are made to produce the least noise pollution

We offer you a low cost and low maintenance vehicle to run

We supply the Electric Rickshaws at customer’s specification

So, if you want to buy these rickshaw at an affordable price then contact with mini metro dealers. They will render these rickshaw at an affordable price.

For more information you may visit our website: http://www.mini-metro.com/electric-rickshaw.html

Office & Manufacturing Plant Mini Metro EV LLP
164, Mohkampur Industrial Area. Delhi Road- Meerut

+91-9837170066, +91-7351634634

info@mini-metro.com, info.mini-metro@gmail.com

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